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A successful communications strategy will utilise a range of tools and channels, depending on the target audience and objectives of the campaign. A typical communications strategy might contain a mix of targeted advertising, PR, print, online or social media campaigns. Other initiatives might include seminars, functions, partnerships or networking opportunities. The key is identifying the target audience and using the best channels to engage with them.

We can help put in place a communications or marketing strategy that is right for your business or organisation. For a small business we can advise you on the best way to advertise your products and services and help with targeted PR and marketing initiatives. For larger organisations we can help minimise the risks around change management, by identifying the best tools and strategies for internal communications; or help with a strategic external marketing and PR campaign.

For NGOs and other community-based organisations, we can help you to raise awareness of your organisation and services and get your message across. We have experience in cross-cultural communications and community development.


While first impressions are not necessarily lasting impressions, they are important nonetheless. Every impression that a brand makes should be positive and meaningful. Focus, clarity and consistency should mark all communications for them to be effective.

A brand should express the concepts and values of a business and the brand should be present in the look, feel, content and attitude of all communications a company produces - from stationery and brochures, to presentations and websites.